Galen Supply Chain



The emergence of the Galen supply chain stems from trust,We have been engaged in automotive parts production for thirty years,We have been engaged in automotive parts trade for over ten years,International trade is full of risks, including factors such as materials, exchange rates, sea freight, and tariffs that can affect prices.In our long-term production and trade, we have made many friends.

In order to accommodate more funds, avoid excessive purchases from a single product, we have started to search for more valuable products for our customers, continuously expanding our product line, in order to help them carry more value and commercial territory. We integrate orders, find suitable professional factories, communicate to obtain reasonable prices, offer discounts to customers, We provide a large number of orders to factories, allowing them to conduct mass production with stable product quality and reduced management costs. We carry the trust of our customers and the support of our suppliers.


Our business covers China, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Russia. Our products cover spare parts , such as trucks, cars, tractors and combine harvester. From fasteners, steering system, transmission system, braking system, driving system to oil grease. We have been making progress and constantly developing. strives not to rest on its laurels and is always looking for new ways development towards its priority objective of integrated supply partners with all the necessary range of spare parts, goods and services that improve quality works of the automotive and parts industry.


Among other areas of the company's development, supply projects stand out spare parts for imported trucks, tools and equipment for maintenance equipment, as well as development of spare parts brands, in whose quality the company is 100% sure.


Over the years of work, we have been able to provide customers with the most reasonable logistics arrangement plan, including transportation, warehousing, and container loading services within China. We can organize the transportation of goods at the most reasonable price and in the fastest possible time. I can help customers collect goods, arrange payment for goods, and act as an agent for export tax refunds. If a customer has an independent brand, we can assist them in registering trademarks within China and filing them with the customs system to maintain their intellectual property rights.