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People have been mapping supply chains as long as they’ve been making maps. But traditional maps only provide a summary view - they don't show how supply chains change in real time. Modern supply chain mapping is the process of engaging across companies and suppliers to document the exact source of every material, every process and every shipment involved in bringing goods to market. Accurate supply chain mapping only became possible with the rise of online maps and the social web. The first online supply chain mapping platform was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2008 (the underlying open source technology is the basis for Sourcemap). From the beginning it was clear that online supply chain mapping had a number of key advantages.

Social Networking:

Supply chains are so complex that it’s almost impossible for one person to trace a product all the way from raw material to finished good. Online mapping makes collaboration possible at a vast scale: teams can work together from all of the companies in a supply chain to account for every material, every process, every shipment. It’s even possible to use crowdsourcing and open the process up to the general public.

We have a 2000 square meter warehouse for customers to store goods and container loading. When customers make a container loading plan, they can send the goods purchased from other factories to our warehouse. We provide all the services for container loading for customers. We have many cooperative freight forwarders, logistics, and courier companies that can perfectly solve transportation problems for customers of all sizes.

In international trade, intellectual property is also very important. Trademarks are the soul of a company, carrying every story of our products, our dedication to quality, and our promotion of the market. China is a very important manufacturing country, and registering trademarks in China can to some extent restrict the production and circulation of imitations. We can help customers register trademarks in China and file them with the customs system.